1ère euro DNL – Cartooning the news –

Travail de dessin de presse réalisé avec une classe de 1re Euro.
Productions liées à l’actualité. Rédaction en langue anglaise dans le cadre du programme de géographie en classe Euro-Histoire-Géographie
Dessins de presse réalisés avec Fabrice Tourmez, Service Jeunesse de la Ville du Mans.
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Fish of discord - Valentin

Today the fishing industry is under threat and some businesses were on the verge of collapse. The governement is accused of treason in the fishing industry linked with the Brexit agreements. The sector is losing £1 million a day in Scotland alone. Source : Independent, 18 jan.2021 Valentin

Social media - Nina

Nowadays, people become famous on social media and , even if there are negative effects, there are also many positive ones. Celebrities can support fight against discrimination, racism, homophobia and many other fights. They also can make us feel represented and feel less alone. They can bring people together and make us feel that people are fighting for our rights. If the celebrities were not as engaged as some of them, like Alicia Keys, people will not be aware and those who don’t suffer from any discrimination will feel unconcerned. Nina